ON SITE Armorer Services, are always fully available to our customers.  From the store location, we provide basic armorer services for your personal firearm needs.  Our team will service your cleanings, triggers, sights, barrels, and more!

NOTE: We’ve recently partnered with an off-site Gunsmith that can handle more involved and/or custom issues that require the special equipment not available at the shop.  Just bring in your firearm for an evaluation. We’ll be happy to take a look at it and determine if our newly added expert to the team can do his magic.75

Firearm Test Fire
Quick Clean
DCOA (Disassemble, Clean, Oil & Assemble)
Custom Barrel Fitting
Internal Polishing
Cleaning Class
Sight Install
Pistol Sight Adjustment
Trigger Installation
Drop-In Trigger Install
Install Iron Sights
Install Quick Detached Optic
Install Quick Detached Magnifier
Install Scope
Rifle Assembly with Provided Parts
Upper Receiver Assembly with Provided Parts
Lower Receiver assembly with Provided Parts
Low Pro Gas Block Install (+ FF Rail)
Free Float Rail Install
Muzzle Device Install
Sling Swivel Install